Public health experts ask people to stay inside to social distance ourselves as a means to lessen the impact of the pandemic on those most vulnerable.

You’ve heard of #FlattenTheCurve. You’ve seen #CattenTheCurve. Let’s them put them together in the most effective way possible.

Stay home and watch Cats!

Don’t go out. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not until this pandemic is clearly under control. Watch a movie (like Cats) instead.

Let’s all invite our friends to stream Cats to their TVs and fire up a group text message, Google Hangout, or Facebook group and watch this brilliant* movie together from the comfort of everyone’s own home.

Don’t want to pay to own the digitl rights to watch CATS?

Vulture is hosting an Instagram watch party

Seth Rogen live tweeted watching CATS last night. Maybe he will do it again?

Regular Cats not weird enough for you? Apparently there is a version where all the the cats have digial buttholes.


A VFX producer friend of a friend was hired in November to finish some of the 400 effects shots in @catsmovie. His entire job was to remove CGI buttholes that had been inserted a few months before. Which means that, somewhere out there, there exists a butthole cut of Cats

— Jack Waz (@jackwaz) March 18, 2020
Cats CattenTheCurve

Cats (2019) is available for digital purchase but maybe Universal Pictures will let us have it for discount/free to help us all #CattenTheCurve?

We can all help to lessen the spread of Coronavirus by joining the movement to #CattenTheCurve

*Note: I have not seen the movie Cats yet, and have no affiliation with the producers of the film.

Learn More About What You Can Do

In-depth info at

Thank you to Julie McMurry, MPH, creator of #FlattenTheCurve and Anne Marie Darling, creator of #CattenTheCurve

It may come as a surprise to some of you. But this is the first time I'm seeing this. Which means a lot of people haven't seen it yet. Do the work. You got this. #FlattenTheCurve #Catteningthecurve #pandemic I'm going to add this to the guide right now.

— Julie McMurry, MPH keep calm and #flattenthecurve (@figgyjam) March 13, 2020

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